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How EVOX Perception Reframing Works

The EVOX uses the voice (VOX is Latin for voice) to create visual maps of your perceptions about specific topics like health, relationships, work, or athletic performance—really any aspect of life.

You speak about any topic and the EVOX records the energy of the voice. The voice energy is then plotted into what is called a Perception Index, or PI. The Perception Index provides a visual image of your perception as it pertains to the topic discussed.

Static Perceptions

Clinical trials and experience have shown that most perceptions are static. This becomes especially undesirable when perceptions are dysfunctional in any way. For example, a golfer may always approach the ball the same way and thus reach a performance plateau. At a conscious level she may learn better techniques, but at a subconscious level she is still bound by the perceptions she carriers about her golf game, or about her ability to master it. In other words, her golf game remains static.

In the case of relationships, a person may repeatedly attract destructive behaviors. This is the result of a static perception that perpetuates dysfunctional outcomes regardless of a conscious desire for a healthier relationship.

Change Your Perceptions, Change Your Life

In the EVOX, a static perception can be reflected when speaking about a single topic multiple times that results in a PI that is the same or very similar. With the EVOX system it is possible to quickly and painlessly shift, or Reframe perception at both a conscious and subconscious level. Perception Reframing allows for a more mature or functional reality, and can be used to improve any aspect of human performance.

Users of the EVOX system have reported positive impacts on various aspects of their life, including Personal Health, Interpersonal Relationships, and Personal Performance.

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